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BLANK Residency February 2022

Artist Residency BLANK100 x Craveiral & Open Studio Tours

From the 1st to the 27th of February 2022, within the scope of the ARTISTIC RESIDENCE BLANK100 x CRAVEIRAL, 6 artists - Anna Virnich, Arthur Löwen , Hugo Brazão, Manutcher Milani , Johanna Dumet and Kiko Pérez - will reside and develop creative work at CRAVEIRAL.

Come and meet these artists, immerse yourself in nature, sign up for Open Studio Tours and observe the work done. The Open Studio Tours will take place on the following Saturdays: February 5th, 12th and 19th. Registration is open to CRAVEIRAL guests and free of charge. To participate, simply contact the reception of CRAVEIRAL in advance or send an email to

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THE BLANK100 x CRAVEIRAL ARTS RESIDENCE supports artists who want to improve their environmental impact by focusing on natural and eco-friendly work materials and recycling processes and gaining greater environmental awareness.


BLANK 100 is a nomadic project to support artistic exchange, started with the use of an old furniture factory in Dalston, London.

Within 15 months, BLANK100 hosted numerous exhibitions, performance events, lectures and dinner clubs connecting creatives from all disciplines. The concept was based on a strong belief in the community and that ideas need to have the right platform to fully develop.
BLANK100 has teamed up with CRAVEIRAL for a long-term artist residency partnership, with exciting new projects to come in the coming years.

Find out more at & Instagram BLANK 100