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At Craveiral we feel like we're back home

It's where we're at home, away from home. Where they welcome us and let us be. Where there is always something to do, even if it is doing nothing. Or almost nothing. Where we can harvest what we have planted, close our eyes and feel the breeze pass. Breathe deep into the lull. Where time runs as fast as we want. And we do not have to be without a net to connect to the earth. Where enough we open the windows to let the quiet enter. Where we walk barefoot, feet in the herbs, and lie down in fresh sheets, just stretched.

Such a place did not exist, so it had to be invented.

The Craveiral is a concept of accommodation as it has never seen

If it were not located in a very specific place, in the middle of the Alentejo Coast , near the Zambujeira do Mar , the Craveiral would really be out of this world. Because it is the perfect combination between the beauty of nature and the comfort of modern life. Between luxury and simplicity. Because it offers the autonomy and privacy of an independent house and the comfort of feeling supported in everything you need.

Halfway between the countryside and the sea, in the Craveiral authenticity and simplicity are not incompatible with the more contemporary side of life. Amazingly, it is possible: we have the sun on the threshing floor and the rain on the Nabal.

We took root in one of the most beautiful places in Portugal and decided to share the extraordinary discovery.

We know that the most important of the trip is the way.

That places belong to people and to people.

That the places are to feel.

And that the way is done walking.

Just so it makes sense and that is why in Craveiral what counts is being and living, more than simply being.